Stayin’ cool with Lipton this summer

Fotobox recently collaborated with Lipton Ice tea to create an amazing summer experiences around Australia. Lipton wanted to show their customers how their products could help people stay cool by drinking Lipton Ice Tea but do so in a way that's fun, brings people together, and gives them something exciting and different to share online.

We used a customised thermal imaging camera to capture just how “cool” Lipton ice tea is. The images were unreal and added an extra element of fun to the event which also included a DJ, air hockey table, mechanical surfboard ride and of course lots and lots of delicious Lipton Ice tea!

With events all around Australia including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane we made sure everyone got to experience the cool taste of Lipton while having fun beach side, at Australia Day celebrations and all days in between.

Operating over 28 events Fotobox captured over 1000 images and hundreds of videos. Take a peek at some of the good times we got up to below. With hundreds of people attending the Lipton events the photos and videos we generated have the potential to generate more than a million impressions online. With roughly 300 people in attendance at each event we were able to reach an audience of 4,200 people to date.

If you want to chat with us about how you can make a difference at your next event ask us about custom installations here.

Filter That

When we think of filters we generally think of Snapchat or Instagram right? But what if you could filter your image while you were taking it. Well you can! And I bet you’re thinking *sigh* EVERYONE already knows about props, duh! But these are different. The filters change your perspective of the image in creative ways, altering the whole meaning in some cases. Intrigued? You should be. Have a look at these:


Play with perception: Use plastic printouts to create a different kind of filter.

Mirror, Mirror: Use reflective glass to alter your appearance. This one kind of reminds us of the old circus sideshows.

Cover Girl: Ever wanted to be on the cover of a magazine? With this creative take on a “frame” you can be.

Humorous Hair: Use glass images to change your appearance. Try out that new hairstyle or beard before you commit and snap some silly selfies while you’re at it. 

Colour my world: Add some bright hues to your snap.

If this is something you’d like to see at your event, hit us up here.


Giant selfie stick towers over New York

Last year the ASICS America Corporation erected a 90-foot (or 27 metre) selfie stick contraption in honor of the #GoRunIt campaign for the annual New York City Marathon.

The interactive installation was said to be the world's largest selfie stick, which was on display at the Manhattan New York.

The running shoe brand and its agency, Vitro—whose prior marathon campaigns have included a treadmill from hell and 3-D printed statues of 500 runners—went large, really really large! This is in keeping with Asics' marathon theme in 2016 : "It's a big race, go run it."

The eight-story-tall selfie stick was opened to the public and functioned by visitors affixing their phones to a custom selfie-orb and pushing a launch button, which triggers the phone's built-in video function and sends the phone along a 90-foot, high-speed track into the sky.

At its highest point, the phone pauses to capture a special Asics message laid out on the ground, then come back down the custom track. When the recording ends, participants have an original selfie video to share using the hashtag #GoRunIt.

The cool camera attracted hundreds of users and over 18,000 uses of the #GoRunIt hashtag. Here at Fotobox we are all about changing perspective just like the selfie stick, check out our camera work from above here.

O-WOW at O-Week

Want to WOW your visitors at O-Week? Well we’re here to help. Using MOBSTA LIVE for large crowds allows you to get amongst the action instead of a traditional photo booth where the client has to come to it, MOBSTA brings the party to you! And everyone knows O-Week is just one big party.

Fotobox have previously done university events all around NSW, QLD and VIC so no distance is too far! MOBSTA creates boomerang style GIF images which come with custom branding and music in order to make your experience with MOBSTA and O-Week a memorable one. We can add your logo, customise your designs to suit your O-Week theme, create a frame from your print out, even go Instagram style with a Polaroid style print. The opportunities are endless and we're here to help! 

If you want to be super digital and hip you can choose to have no print and email the GIF straight to the subjects phone, or take advantage of our hashtag printer. Ask us how, here.

New Year Resolutions campaign

Statistics show that while about 45 per cent of people do actually make a resolution, the odds are much less that they achieve them – really only about 8 per cent do. This motivated the Fotobox team who then came up with a creative way to entice people to stick to their resolutions.

Photos act as a great medium to bring back memories of the time from the past. It brings back the moment in the past of how we felt and what we were experiencing at that point in time. We wanted to tap into this emotion to remind people of what motivates them to set their resolution at the start of the year. To ultimately get back on track to achieve their goals.

Fotobox team members went to different offices and took six images. The participant creates one message with their goals and then some reminder messages to be sent out to them throughout the year to remind their future selves of their goals and to motivate them. Those who decide to take part will then receive the photo reminders every two months via email reminding them of their resolution and holding them accountable to their decision to make a change.

Check out the snaps we took below! 

Going up at the Golden Globes

The glitz and glamour of the Golden Globes lent themselves to something fabulous, and that’s just what happened when InStyle provided an elevator themed photo installation. The celebs in attendance fully embraced the set up with everyone from the Stranger Things actors to Australia’s own Miranda Kerr each one put their own spin on the short clip.

Why not use this as an inspiration and create something of your own? There are a lot of room to play with…you could use a beautiful entrance door, a stage curtain or even a picture frame. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, let us know and we can chat. In the meantime check out all the fun they had…

@traceeellisross for the G-O-L-D ✨#InStyleGlobes #InStyleOffCamera @marklphoto #GoldenGlobes

A video posted by instylemagazine (@instylemagazine) on

We are STILL dancing from last night's party... just like @janellemonae #instyleglobes #instyleoffcamera

A video posted by instylemagazine (@instylemagazine) on

raising a glass to @FreidaPinto's glam #GoldenGlobes look ✨📸 #InStyleGlobes #InStyleOffCamera @marklphoto #GoldenGlobes

A video posted by instylemagazine (@instylemagazine) on

Freeze Frame

Want something to add that extra special touch at your next event? Consider custom frames. We can create a card for your print out to sit in to set you apart from the rest and add that extra pop of fun to your theme. They add a point of difference in an entertaining way for your guests to remember your event. The frames also allow you to print a few lines of information about your event as well so you can add your hashtag or company information to really make your mark memorable. Think hearts for Valentine’s Day or pumpkin for Halloween? How about creating a custom frame for a sporting event like football, tennis, soccer, rugby, cricket anything you can think of!

The idea is so versatile that the possibilities are endless. Perhaps you want to showcase your new product? Simply create a custom postcard frame in the shape of the product. This could be adapted to drink products, perfume, makeup, shoes anything goes! For all your photo frame inspiration check out our design mock ups.


Slow motion magic

Kicking off this year’s hottest trends we’ve seen emerging online is slow motion video capturing. We’ve found you some hilarious results but also some intimate moments capture in slow motion to make the good times last the little bit longer. When used effectively and creatively slow motion creates an interesting way of viewing the world, slowing down the shutter speed of the camera to create a time slowing effect.


Imagine this being used at your wedding for your first kiss, or popping a bottle of champagne to see the cork and bubble foam in slow motion. This could be adapted humorously as well, as seen in the video below, just try and hold back your laughter- we dare you! So how does it work you cry?! We’re glad you asked. Typically this style is achieved when each film frame is captured at a rate much faster than it will be played back. When replayed at normal speed, time appears to be moving more slowly.

So if you want memories to literally last forever (ok maybe not forever but that little bit longer) consider slow motion movie styles in your next event.

Tech Advances

We recently partnered with Malaysian phone brand Hua Wei. They wanted to capture a photo and print it out but with a twist, using their new P9 phone instead of our Mobsta devices.

So we worked our magic and customised the P9 phone to integrate with our software. The result? Their new phone Hua Wei P9 captured photos using the MOBSTA Live app, emailed the photos and then instantly printed them for guests at the printing station. This was a huge success with hundreds and hundreds of images captured and countless photos printed out.

This is an exciting opportunity for other tech events as this idea can be adapted to any phone or tablet product*. Imagine the possibilities of having every tablet or mobile devices displayed at an event to be able to snap photos of the guests and have them printed out for them to take home. This type of installation really encouraged guests to get hands on with the devices and play around with them.

So if you have a product you would like to showcase, let us know and we’ll show you a fresh and innovative way to showcase your product to the guests.

*excluding apple devices.


Drink up and snap!

Here at Fotobox we like to keep on top of upcoming trends and new creations in the industry.  Coca-Cola recently came out with their bottle selfie. The device which attaches to the bottom of the cola bottle snaps a selfie of the user once the bottle is tipped past a 70-degree angle. The device is fitted with a USB in order to transfer your images. And of course this could be adapted to many products like coffee, juice or alcohol.

We love to follow new and innovative trends in media devices. At Fotobox we are all about fresh ideas and pushing the envelope when it comes to creative designs and new and innovative installations. Keep posted for our latest customised project…details coming soon!

Do you have an idea you would like to turn into reality? Get in touch with us!

Anything can be your playground

For a recent custom project, the client wanted something to excite guests and add a point of difference to their event by tapping into everyone’s sense of playfulness and childlike wonder the element of fun was not missing at this event.


Our team put together a fun and memorable way to celebrate the #mvccr2016 event. Adding an element of fun, and surprise to the guest’s experience by using a ball pit as backdrop instead of a screen. The ball pit was a creative way to look at taking a photo from a different perspective, up above. In this case the camera was placed above the guests with the subjects posing in the neon green balls below. Those who attended were keen to get involved with hundreds of posts shared on Instagram of guests jumping into the ball pit throughout the event. Check out the fun filled shots here: 

The world is your backdrop

You are never limited with what you can use as your “background”.

Imagine swimming in a sea of makeup products, stuffed animals, drinks or whatever product you like! Have a chalkboard as a background to let guests’ imagination run wild. Or perhaps divulge your darker side with a horror or Halloween theme and create creepy chalk body outlines for your guests to fill.

If you think this kind of set up could work for your event get in touch with our friendly team! 


We’ve done some pretty cool and imaginative work for clients like Hennessy Whiskey and Marc Jacobs. From popcorn boxes to whiskey bottles we transformed our booth to suit the client and the event. When creating a customised booth we like to converse with clients to see what it is they’d like to execute for their event. 

Marc Jacobs Popcorn Box

Fotobox Marc Jacobs

With some creativity and foam we transformed our Fotobox into a popcorn box for the launch of the Marc Jacobs flagship store in Malaysia. The box looked whimsical and fun simply from the addition of painted foam pieces added to the top of the box and some cleverly thought out box designs using stripes to mimic a classic popcorn box design. The custom project was well received by guests at the event with hundreds of images being captured. 


Hennessy Bottle Booth


For the Hennessy Whiskey event we went one step further and transformed the booth into a giant whisky bottle. The client required something chic and fun to entertain quests while also fitting in with the sophisticated theme of the event. Shelves were made around the booth to hold the products, acting as a stylish way to display the product while also acting as decoration for those using the booth. Guests loved the idea and it was a hit with all at the event. Check out our video to see for yourselves. 

The booth can be transformed into just about anything with a little outside the box thinking-sorry I couldn’t help myself. Aside from customised branding stickers we can create a tropical oasis, think palm tree effect. Or perhaps makeup is more your thing? Why not a giant lipstick! Or perfume bottle? And for every party animal we can cater to you too, think champagne bottle with a popping cork. The options are truly endless.

Flawless Looping - Vogue Loop

Vogue Loop at Bell & Ross

Vogue Loop at Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross added a point of difference to the launch of their pop-up shop. The watch brand chose to use our Vogue Loop feature as an interesting way to showcase the product and engage the guests. Vogue Loop is a looped video installation which takes up to a 15 seconds of footage then seamlessly blends the video together to create a look. Checkout some of the Bell & Ross Vogue Loop videos below.

If you want a new and creative way to showcase your product Vogue Loop does just that.  Vogue Loop gives the guests a chance to show their creativity with the showcase products or services and share their creativity on their social media platform.

Boost that experience (Audio)

No video is ever complete without the perfect audio. Our Vogue Loop's ability to insert custom audio will enhances the experience for the guests and the viewers. The audio provides the viewers with the vibe of the event and it will make them wish they are at the event! ;)

Check out some of the guest's Vogue Loop Video (psst...rmb to turn down the volume beforehand).

Level UP Storytelling

Vogue Loop works on all types of events. It allows you to showcase your beautifully decorated event for the guest's storytelling. With the seamless transition, you can encourage guests to craft their own brand story and share it with their friends.

Have an idea in mind for your next event? Say Hi to us and we can assist you

The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself
— Deepak Chopra

Get your "hands on" - Flat Lay GIF


The #hermesistable launch also featured our flatlay videos. Flatlays have been all the rage on social media in recent times and here at Fotobox we’ve found a way to utilise the trend in a different way. Hermes were challenged as to how best showcase their latest product, a braclet, so we at the Fotobox team suggested flatlay.


When using the flat lay video experience objects are placed in the frame as required and then all the user needs to do is get involved. The guests get to unleashed their creativities on showcasing the Hermes bracelet and their plan to animate their work. The best part of flat lay is the focus on showcasing the products is not lost in the animation.

The best part of flat lay is the focus on showcasing the products...

Flatlay GIFs are fun, chic, and creative in how they display the Hermes products. So why not get “hands on” at your next promo? We had an amazing response from this event with users saying it was heaps of fun and different.

Beyond Fashion

The beauty of flatlay is that it works beyond fashion accessories, think newly launched mobile phones, new gadgets, different flavor of beverages, assortment of snacks, newly released magazines and so many more

Have an event in mind for flat lay GIF? Talk to us and we can assist you...

Creativity is intelligence having fun
— Albert Einstein

Be there or Be SQUARE



Fashion icon Hermes launched their #hermesistable collection last month. Hermes approached us to do something completely different and fresh for their collection. So we crafted our standard 6x4” photo print and turned it into an Instagram square photo for the guests. And the results were #amaze. No brand has ever printed an Instagram style on the spot before, let alone a branded instagram square photo.

This type of labelling gives the image a stylish, cooler finish while appealing to a younger market. We received an amazing response from all those who attended. Everyone loved it, and numbers don’t lie. The hashtag #hermesistable was tagged over 1,300 times on Instagram and 1,600 images were printed over the event.

Social Ready

We didn't forget to make sure these photo are easily uploaded into Social Media (Instagram especially). Guests can easily upload their photo into Facebook, Instagram or Twitter from our social media sharing station OR they can save their photo from the email we sent to them and upload at later time. Take a look at some of the guest's upload b

What's next?

We believe square photo trend will start to pick up really quickly at events and activation. Since the design is still fresh, guests will find these little print outs more surprising and fun.

Have an idea for your next event? Say hi to us and we can assist you...

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.
— Steve Jobs

Photographer Turns Making GIFs Into Lucrative Career

Never thought that making GIFs could be a career? Well this man sure proved us all wrong!   

Romain Laurent spends his day similar to millions of nerds on Reddit. Trolling the web, finding memes, and making GIFS.

The only difference is that Laurent turned his GIF-making hobby into a full-time gig. Laurent’s job is making mesmerizing GIFs for big brands like Starbucks, L’Oreal, and Hermès.

Before he became a professional GIF maker, Laurent was a photographer for an ad agency. However, after moving from France to New York and landing a few photography gigs, Laurent said that he needed some spontaneity in his life. That’s when he launched One Loop Portrait a Week.

“Early in my photography days, it was just about taking a photo, and by the evening I had it done and it was online,” he told Wired. “So my idea with this project was to try to find that spark again, the kind of creative rhythm or energy that you have when you’re younger.”

After two years of working on One Loop Portrait a Week as a side hobby, big brands are starting to hire Laurent to create GIFs for them.

“There was a great deal of respect of my artistic point of view,” he said about the brands hiring him.

                      Romain Laurent

                      Romain Laurent

So how does he make such amazing GIFs?

When he first started, Laurent used an app called Cinemagram to take photos of his friends. He’d then tinker with the film sequence and add filters. The process has evolved since then.

Laurent now films scenes with a Canon 5d Mark III. Next, he picks still images from the video and layers animated effects over the images using After Effects. After that he lines up the images and makes sure that they flow seamlessly as a GIF, then uses Photoshop to touch up the color. Like every great artist, though, Laurent’s technique is constantly evolving.

“I don’t have a general guideline for how I do things, but I know my style,” he told Wired.

So how can you copy Laurent and become a professional GIF maker? The first step is to get a social media following. Laurent’s following isn’t huge, but it was big enough to get the big brands to notice his work. He currently has 40,000 followers on Tumblr and 4,600 on Instagram.

“I’m having fun and smiling while I do them, and if people smile when they see them, I think that’s perfect,” he says.

To follow Laurent, here’s his TumblrInstagram, and Facebook.

Check out some of his recent client work. Pretty cool stuff.

Pretty interesting career we would say.

Read the  full article here


Your Facebook profile photo can now be a GIF

It’s making other profile changes, too.

Facebook is spicing up profile photos in a big way.

Facebook users will now be able to record a short looping video, a bit like a Vine or a GIF, to use as their profile photo on mobile, the company said on Wednesday.

Facebook isn’t the first to use short videos or GIFs for users’ profile photos. Snapchat introduced the medium for its users’ “Snapcodes,” QR codes that can be scanned to add someone as a friend on the app and act as their user profile picture, in July. And Phhhoto, a one-year-old photo-sharing mobile app entirely based around the GIF format, uses them for users’ profile shots. Facebook users, however, will only be able to upload these new profile pictures in video format, not in true GIF format, a spokesperson clarified to Fortune via email.

Facebook is also adding the ability for users to set a temporary profile photo that will expire and revert to their usual one at a specific time.

“It can be a visual status update to let your friends know what’s going on in your life today, or it can be your statement of solidarity for a cause you feel strongly about,” product managers Aigerim Shorman and Tony Hsieh wrote in a blog post.

Wednesday’s profile updates also include a special “Bio” section at the top that can be customized with fun or important personal details, the ability to edit the information that appears at the top of the profile (hometown, work, featured photos), and a new profile layout that emphasizes the profile picture, which has previously been spotted by some users.

Facebook is first making these features available to some iPhone users in California and the U.K., but plans to roll them out more widely soon, it says.

(The story has been updated with clarification about the video format users can upload as their profile video.

Original Article from


So, apparently GIFs are back in a big way. For the Buzzfeed faithful I guess it feels like they never left. But for some of you they may have been difficult to make, dizzying to watch and…I suppose, mildly amusing if used in the right context.

In the past few months, Snapchat trialled and announced profile GIFs, allowing you to shoot a series of five animated selfies as profile pictures. Interestingly, this will be the only photo on Snapchat that won’t go away. The start-up Flyr is currentlygetting a lot of buzz around their app that lets you quickly piece together a couple of captions on an animated GIF so you can whizz off party invites to your social networks in a rush. Perhaps the most interesting though, is Facebook’s latest mobile update which allows users to add a 7 second looping video as their profile pic. They’re calling it a video, but it’s essentially a GIF. Some will say Giphy has allowed GIFs on Facebook for a while, but no auto-play is an immediate disqualification in my eyes.

Now, GIFs aren’t exactly new. But it’s clear that all the mainstream social networks are seeing value in investing in short-form video. After the success with Facebook video, it’s no surprise they’re trying to make it easier for the everyday Joe to create and engage with. They’re even trialling GIFs with selected brands. The thing with GIFs is, they can go either way. Sometimes they’re intriguing, topical and incredibly hypnotising, and other times they’re spammy, annoying and potentially nauseating. But if a brand can nail it, they may find themselves perched in the happy medium between the declining rate of image engagement and the expensive production costs of a full scale video. Here’s why your brand needs to up the GIF game.

Facebook is coming around

They were trying to hold out for so long, but it’s getting harder to ignore with GIFs making a comeback. All the other major sites have turned to snackable content as their new go-to; Twitter has GIFs, Instagram and Vine have short video (which doesn’t really translate as well to Facebook), Snapchat has…well, Snapchat. The takeaway from this slow burn is that each platform is realising that GIFs are fun, but we’re also well aware how spammy and annoying they can come across. The slow rollout puts the power in safe hands so that we’re not turned off the platform from terrible branded GIFs and only exposed to the fun or informative type.

GIFs are the perfect team-up

As explained by Giphy’s chief operating officer, Adam Leibsohn, “We are starting to see this behavior where people are using content and culture to communicate — they’re not using words anymore. When they’re doing that, there’s an opportunity for that culture to come from a brand.” GIFs are the product of culture and content. Our young attention spans are getting shorter and shorter and with too many images and not enough time for videos, we’re turning to GIFs to express our thoughts and feelings.

They’re easy to make and cost effective

GIFs come as a small sized, commonly recognised file format and they translate well to a range of different mediums, whether it’s web, mobile or both through social. These moving, looping wonders are like the chameleons of the internet, nailing it in every scenario. Also, with so many new tools available to piece together quick GIFs, it means social teams can construct content within the specific tone and message of the brand at a much cheaper cost than a subscription to a stock imagery supplier or developing complete video content.

They’ve got potential, kid

Now this might be a bit too early to call and based on my personal bias and love for GIFs, but many sources argue that these moving pictures have the potential to generate more attention from viewers than still images while being a non-disruptive yet engaging way to enhance a message across multiple channels. As Writers Access points out, “They feature no audio and don’t distract from the main point of the content, but still create a dynamic visual element that no other format can offer.”

Ultimately, brands should tread carefully in this domain. As mentioned, GIFs can come across spammy (putting it lightly). If done correctly though, they can be a unique and engaging way to catch your audience’s attention without becoming as intrusive and expensive as other formats.

At this stage, GIFs on social are only being tested by brands and it’s really too early to report their effectiveness next to other formats, but there’s a reason they keep making a comeback and it’s not because all the social networks think it’s hilarious to annoy their user base. If you’re brave enough to test the waters, your audience may just loop back for more…geddit?

Read the Original Article here


From Twitter to Instagram, event marketers rely on social channels to engage with consumers before, during and after their activations. And while branded photos were once embraced as the industry’s most shareable social media assets, there’s a new kid in town. The future of live-event photo activations might just be the animated GIF.

With so many brands vying for the attention of young consumers, it’s no wonder animated GIFs (and the subsequent sharing of them on social media) are becoming a favorite tool. After all, Millennials just want to have fun, right? As live events increasingly include animated GIF engagements, we take a look at the next generation of socially shareable assets.

First, some clarification on what an animated GIF really is. Unlike other media tools like Vine, a GIF is not a snippet of video. Instead, it is an image format comprised of multiple frames (translation: photos) that give the impression of motion when displayed in a sequence. The result is the digital version of a flipbook, which can be set up to loop if the user so chooses.

Animated GIFs have been popping up all over the experiential scene as of late, serving as both a fun engagement for consumers and an opportunity to gain substantial social media impressions for brands. It’s no wonder, then, that Lipton employed an animated GIF booth at its Sundance Film Festival activation in January to help highlight its new line of sparkling teas. The 125-year-old brand even added a twist to the engagement, promoting the booth as a selfie station, rather than an opportunity to take group shots.

“GIFs are a great intersection between photo and video. They’re easy to under- stand, eye-catching and fun,” says Gary So, senior director-marketing at Pepsi Lipton. “When we launched Lipton Sparkling at Sundance, the GIF booth was ideal because it brought that same uplifting, novel feeling that our product does. It was a great way to attract people to our space to engage with our brand and product.”

“The great thing about GIFs is that as they become increasingly popular, they are easier to share across all social media platforms.” -Gary So, senior director-marketing at Pepsi Lipton

Lipton is just one of a whole host of brands reaping the benefits of incorporating animated GIF booths into live events. Heineken has incorporated an animated GIF booth into its Heineken House at the US Open. Welch’s offered a GIF booth to promote its brand at the most recent Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo. And Smartwater utilized the engagement in April at its Upupup Lounge. And the list goes on. But brands are not limited to incorporating animated GIFs into events strictly as modern-day photo booths. There’s plenty of room for creativity.

Last year, Showtime Networks, in partnership with Van Wagner Experiential, created a chilling animated GIF experience in New York City and Los Angeles to help promote its latest horror series, “Penny Dreadful.” The network temporarily transformed select city buildings by constructing interactive window displays meant to attract the attention of citygoers as they passed by.

The displays included cinema graphs of “Penny Dreadful’s” main characters in animated GIF format. The characters were programmed to move their eyes when lasers detected a pedestrian walking by. Participants were then prompted to begin recording their own animated GIF, which placed them in a scene from the show, during which a virtual vampire suddenly crept up from behind. Partakers could then enter their information to share the experience socially.

“The great thing about GIFs is that as they become increasingly popular, they are easier to share across all social media platforms,” says So. “We post a good balance of GIFs, photo and pure video across our brands but when the creative asset lends itself well to simple, quick animation, it’s been exciting to see a high level of engagement [with GIFs].”

While animated GIFs are a fun source of engagement, however, brands shouldn’t rely on them to serve as the foundation of an event marketing approach, warns So. Instead, they should function as engaging supplements to a more comprehensive activation experience.

“GIFs should be viewed as a tool that’s strategic to your campaign and messaging, versus a strategy on its own,” says So. “It’s probably helpful to ask yourself what you want to accomplish, and from there determine if using GIFs would be helpful to incorporate.”

Original article by: Kait Shea